Discover Budapest, Europe’s most beautiful capital city, and the Treasures of Transylvania



It is with great pleasure that we announce the destination for our annual Evansville Day School family summer international trip for 2019: Budapest, Hungary and Transylvania, Romania.

We are looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime fantastic adventure, which will include 7 days in Budapest and 4 days in Transylvania. This trip is open to ALL EDS students, families and their friends/relatives.

The 2019 summer journey will be led by a native of Transylvania, Anna Newton, who was born in Romania and speaks both Hungarian and Romanian.  Anna has over 25 years of international travel, study and work experience and has led several other international trips for adults and children alike.  


Explore the tour details and join us for this amazing journey.  Registration is now open.  Invite your friends and families and come with us to discover the beautiful city of Budapest and the treasures of Transylvania.

Why Budapest ?

Budapest, stretching along the banks of the Danube River, is one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities.  Often described as the ‘Queen of the Danube,’ the capital has two sides: Buda and Pest, representing two different characters of the city. With its 1,000 + years of history, Buda offers everything a history lover would desire.  From famous monuments, churches, and beautiful architecture, to a historic castle district with medieval streets, houses, museums, caves and Roman ruins, there is a lot to discover!  Pest, on the other hand, boasts the largest parliament building of Europe, and offers a hip, lively and modern atmosphere, with many riverside cafés, bookstores and unique stores.


Why Transylvania ?

Transylvania, located in the heart of Romania, is bound by the Carpathian mountain range and is known for its scenic landscape, and rich cultural history. Covered by forests, castles, thermal springs, salt lakes, and monasteries, this region is mostly untouched by tourists. On this journey, we will offer day visits to Count Dracula’s castle, the royal family palace, salt mine, lakes, pottery village, as well as other historic and cultural sites. The trip is perfect for history lovers and outdoor fanatics alike.  From hiking and exploring cultural/historic sites to swimming in mineral baths and learning the art of pottery/wood crafting, to discovering the famous Hungarian culinary traditions of this region, this is the most perfect trip for families.  There will be plenty of opportunities for learning and exploring, for young children to teenagers, and adults alike.