Our local guide in Budapest will be Mrs. Edith Simon, who is a professionally licensed tour guide and has over 35 years of experience in the tourism industry.  Edit speaks several languages and provides a wonderful tour for visitors from all around the world.  Her tours generally focus on history, architecture, music, and the Hungarian folklore heritage.  She prefers to organize her tours according to the age group and interest of the visitors that she is guiding.  She always respects and pays attention to people’s specific needs, and is looking forward to host our EDS group in Budapest.


Our local guide in Transylvania will be Mr. Zoltan Szabo, who also has several years of experience with hosting groups in Transylvania. 

In college, Zoltan majored in tourism and is an expert in the region. 

He speaks Romanian, Hungarian and English fluently and has hosted visitors from the United States multiple times.  He loves to travel and share his heritage and all the treasures that Transylvania offers. 

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